Hi all,

It is a wonderful day today, I get to try out sending my securenode rewards from my Ledger addresses to another address.

This is how I did it.

I have 12 securenode staking addresses stored on the ledger. This requires that there are 12 * 42 zen addresses with a combined zen balance of 504 zen.

As you can see from the screenshot below, I have 505.21535355 zen


I then clicked on the send button:

And was presented with Screen-Shot-2018-04-24-at-9.19.39-am

I then clicked the max button and the max I could send was listed minus the transactions fees

I then changed the max number so it was less the 504 zen stake that needed to remain

I entered my receiving address and clicked the send button and was presented with a screen, which I forgot to screenshot, but that was quickly replace with the following

It took 2 hours 38 mins to complete the transaction on a 2011 Macbook Air with dual core i5, 4 GB RAM, and SSD


I have now tested withdrawal on a high-spec system (Intel Core i7-6850K 2011v3 CPU, 64 GB RAM, and Samsung m2 SSD), and can recommend using the Nano Ledger S for staking.

I have 12 nodes on the Ledger and the past weeks worth of reward payments were sent from the Ledger in 15 minutes 56 seconds.

The transaction had 485 vIn and it's composition can be found here