Good afternoon everyone,

I trust everyone is having a nice weekend. An update was made to the zen code base to resolve the drop in SSL/TLS connections resulting in the peers exception.

This process will only work for those who built their zend from source not the APT repo please go here.

To update the zend daemon you would have needed to have built your zend daemon from source. If you did this, you can update by running the following:

  1. Navigate to the zen directory, if you followed mine or Blockops guides this will be located in the zencash directory:
    cd ~/zencash/zen/

  2. Next we need to fetch the updated code:
    git fetch origin
    git checkout master

Note: if it asks you to 'git pull' please run

git pull

  1. Now we need to build the daemon:
    ./zcutil/ -j$(nproc)
    If the build was successful, you should see an output similar to below

  2. Now we need to stop the zend daemon and update zend and zen-cli binaries in /usr/bin. This can be done by running the following commands, if you use monit to run your zend daemon.
    sudo monit stop zend
    wait 5 seconds
    sudo cp src/zend /usr/bin
    sudo cp src/zen-cli /usr/bin
    sudo monit start zend
    If you do not use monit you can stop the daemon by running:
    zen-cli stop
    then wait 5 seconds
    sudo cp src/zend /usr/bin
    sudo cp src/zen-cli /usr/bin
    And finally starting the daemon again: